Janitorial Team - Commercial Cleaning Services

Why Choose Janitorial Team?

Our team works harder.

          Everyone on our cleaning staff has invested a proportional stake in the company and shares in our revenues. We believe that profit motive generates a strong desire to work harder. By incorporating the labourer's interest in this way, everyone works for the well-being of the company and their assigned accounts.

We've been in business over 27 years. Clients picked up on day 1 are still with us.

          Anyone can start a cleaning business - many do just that. It's equally easy to go out of business. At Janitorial Team, we mean business! That's why we continually invest in our company and it's services. We develop long-lasting relationships with select clients who require and appreciate the value of quality. We invite you to call us for a free quotation at (416) 722-0722.

Our Team


          Our entire nightly cleaning crew goes through an intensive training program during which all specialized cleaning techniques are mastered, and they are familiar with the latest products on the market.


          Although everyone on our staff has a greater stake in customer satisfaction, we still feel that regular supervision enhances the quality of our services. All locations are supervised by a company trained supervisor and overseen by a Quality Control Area Manager.

Product Application

          Janitorial Team uses on the highest quality products on the market. All products are used only in the amounts and on those surfaces as recommended by the manufacturers.


          Our entire cleaning crew are equipped with cellular phones, and can be reached on an around-the-clock basis. A daily log book is also supplied so that our customers can effectly communicate with assigned crews, with the log book being signed nightly by the supervisor.


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